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    Tusti – EGREMPLARE

    The massive use of plastics has become a severe problem for the environment. Even though the European Commission has implemented diverse regulations under the EU’s Plastics strategy, recycling technologies are inefficient, and only 14% of these materials…

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    Biome Makers – BeCrop

    If we pursue a more sustainable future, we should focus on recovering our soil health worldwide through advanced technology to measure biological quality and optimize agriculture. To make this possible, Biome Makers has designed BeCrop…

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    TreaTech – WAS2VAL

    Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) are facing a big challenge: international rules of sewage sludge are becoming more stringent with the aim to protect the environment, increasing the operating costs of these institutions. For that reason, WWTPs urgently…

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    Varroa mite is one of the main causes of honeybee mortality, whose ratios are between 5% to 30% depending on the country and the year. The traditional solution for this issue has entailed the use of chemicals which have had a direct impact on bees’ population…

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    Planet Horizons Technologies – AQUA4D-Pivot

    Current issues such as climate change and population growth have a direct impact on natural resources, which is one of the main challenges facing agriculture today. In that way, irrigation plays a crucial role in creating effective systems to allow farmers to produce more efficiently…

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    Brite Hellas – Panepowersw

    Due to the increase in population expected by 2050, the production of water, energy and food are the 3 critical points to be able to keep the population at the current standard of living. Growing in greenhouses seems to be the solution for the latter, since it manages…

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    Tecselor – Cleanpack

    The sector of the food industry of preparation and packaging of solid refrigerated foods is increasingly demanding with respect to hygiene and packaging measures. This prevents small businesses from achieving the same quality standards as large ones, since costs are…

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    Oleica – Olive Solutions

    According to data from the International Olive Council, Spain is the country in the EU market with the highest production of consumption olives and olive oil. Its high production and high quality make Spain one of the main exporters of these products worldwide.

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    PigCHAMP Pro Europa – Prrsons & Biorisk

    PigCHAMP Pro Europa S.L. is an independent company established in September 2000 dedicated to the provision of applied research services, data management and productivity analysis in livestock, veterinary services and training. It is located in Segovia since its creation…

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    PRADOREY – Centinavin

    Spain is among the largest wine producers in the world. Since his arrival in the peninsula about the year 1,100 a. C. wine has been one of the basic products in our cuisine, and its production is so extensive that 996,000 hectares of Spanish territory is dedicated to…

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    Agroalimentaria Chico – NUTRILIPID

    In the pig industry, food plays an essential role in the development of added value to the final products obtained from pork meat. The introduction of intramuscular fat is one of the characteristics most valued by consumers when buying products of porcine origin….

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    Montes de Cristal y Acero – Lúpulo

    Beer has been one of the low-alcohol beverages preferred by consumers for centuries. In recent years, we have seen new trends emerge, making craft beers gain particular relevance in the market and increasing their consumption habits. The Lúpulo project is based on the development…

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