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    Tax deductions

    The food packaging industry faces the challenge of offering solutions that guarantee the quality and durability of food while respecting the environment and complying with strict and changing regulations. And at TECSELOR, a company that creates, studies and designs packaging machinery for food products, they know how to deal with it: with their extensive experience and commitment to R&D to achieve continuous improvement in their processes.

    Among these innovative activities, there is SKINCARTON. This project aims to develop a new simultaneous skin-effect heat-sealing system in easy-open trays. Among its novelties, this method solves the problem of the generation of plastic waste by using lower polluting materials and reducing energy consumption during its manufacturing process.

    Moreover, this project involves relevant advances thanks to its heating system, easy-open functionality, versatility, and aesthetic improvement as it does not produce wrinkles in the packaging.

    In this way, TECSELOR is at the forefront of scientific and technological development thanks to its business effort to find solutions to make packaging more efficient, sustainable and innovative.