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    Bring your innovative technology closer to the market with EIC Transition

    Suppose your start-up is developing disruptive innovation activities that go beyond experimental proof-of-principle in the lab and aims to create its own business plan (TRL 4 to 5-6). In that case, the EIC Transition may be the perfect funding option to move forward!

    Why should you choose EIC Transition as your funding programme?

    🟠 Whether you are a single applicant or a small consortium (up to 5 partners), you can submit your proposal.

    🟠 Eligible projects are those that have achieved success in EIC Pathfinder, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) or European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept. It is also now open for the first time to project results from Horizon collaborative projects of Pillar 2.

    🟠EIC Transition is composed of one funding scheme for 2024: Open Call

    🟠 Your project could receive up to 100% of eligible costs, with a maximum of €2.5M (or even more if properly justified).

    Find out more about the EIC Transition programme

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