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    EIC Transition - Challenge

    Approximately 13.7 million stroke cases happen worldwide each year. This worrying figure usually involves long and high-cost recovery periods (over five years). Moreover, at that stage, patients do not always find the right and effective support for rehabilitation.

    To improve this situation, Eodyne (in partnership with Charité Berlin, EBRAINS, Saddle Point Science and Radboud University) has developed PHRASE. This data processing pipeline aims to reduce hospital stay healthcare costs by empowering personalised recovery through AI. Thanks to a cloud database with patients’ information, monitoring and tailored prognostics and intervention can become a reality.

    PHRASE’s commitment to digital health is an example of future intervention systems for personalised computational medicine and how data could unify steps to make stroke cases easier to keep track. For this reason, this project has succeeded in the first-ever EIC Transition call, being selected among the most relevant proposals facing the “Medical Technology and Devices” challenge.