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    Delmic – Cryo-SECOM Workflow

    Since it became a Nobel prize-winning technique in 2017, cryo-electron microscopy (cyro-EM) has intensified its relevance, demonstrating that it represents an excellent way to observe biomolecules at sub-nanometer resolution…

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    Swiss Vault Systems – BASEPORT

    The mapping of the human genome is a reality that represents a continuous advance in the healthcare field. However, a single human genome takes up 100 GB of storage space. This is a problem for biotechnology firms, which need to invest…

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    Aspivix – Aspivix

    The tenaculum used in some gynaecologist practices such as Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD) insertions and curettage results in a painful and traumatic experience for 84% of women. Sometimes, it can even lead to lesions…

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    Pregnolia – Pregnolia

    Any birth before 37 weeks of gestation is considered premature. Premature births represent an unsolved problem that affects 14.94 million babies globally. It is the leading cause of infant…

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    Positrigo – NeuroLF

    Dementia is one of the most common problems of our ageing society. This condition, which 60-80% of cases correspond to Alzheimer’s disease (AD), affects around 50 million people worldwide. It also involves nearly trillion-dollar…

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    TreaTech – WAS2VAL

    Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) are facing a big challenge: international rules of sewage sludge are becoming more stringent with the aim to protect the environment, increasing the operating costs of these institutions. For that reason, WWTPs urgently…

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    Kido Dynamics – DEMOGRAPHICA

    People’s mobility data is essential to make informed decisions, especially for those verticals that depend on mobility patterns to plan effective actions. While marketers are wondering what is the impact of their outdoor advertising campaigns…

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    Varroa mite is one of the main causes of honeybee mortality, whose ratios are between 5% to 30% depending on the country and the year. The traditional solution for this issue has entailed the use of chemicals which have had a direct impact on bees’ population…

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    Planet Horizons Technologies – AQUA4D-Pivot

    Current issues such as climate change and population growth have a direct impact on natural resources, which is one of the main challenges facing agriculture today. In that way, irrigation plays a crucial role in creating effective systems to allow farmers to produce more efficiently…

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    Nanoga – NANODINK

    Thanks to the advancement of technology, writing on devices such as phones and tablets has become possible. The digitalization of the handwriting causes a strong increase in battery consumption and induces a reduced autonomy of the device, causing overheating. In…

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    SamanTree Medical SA – HistologTM Scanner

    Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death in women globally. Among the usual treatments, there are mastectomy (removal of the breast and lymph nodes) and lumpectomy or conservative surgery of the breast (removal of cancer tissue and surrounding areas)…

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    dhp technology – Horizon

    dhp technology presented its unique and innovative solution to integrate photovoltaic cells in wastewater treatment plants. With their project, HORIZON, they developed a retractable solar panel to roof spaces that are already commercialized, such as parking areas…

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