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    In the field of aluminum alloy manufacturing, processes have undergone very few improvements in recent years. Therefore, ALUMASA, a manufacturer of aluminum plating, decided to investigate to develop a more efficient way to develop this product. Thanks to their more…

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    Industrial sectors such as aeronautics or the naval industry face a problem of internal logistics for the displacement of very heavy loads. These movements are usually done by fixed machinery, which also occupies a large area of land within Industrial buildings.

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    Sanz Clima – INALAMHVAC

    Travel comfort when it comes to shared transport systems, such as buses or trains, has since been one of the most important values for passengers when using these options. Specifically, for buses, the installation of air conditioning and heating is one of the components…

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    PRADOREY – Centinavin

    Spain is among the largest wine producers in the world. Since his arrival in the peninsula about the year 1,100 a. C. wine has been one of the basic products in our cuisine, and its production is so extensive that 996,000 hectares of Spanish territory is dedicated to…

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    Agroalimentaria Chico – NUTRILIPID

    In the pig industry, food plays an essential role in the development of added value to the final products obtained from pork meat. The introduction of intramuscular fat is one of the characteristics most valued by consumers when buying products of porcine origin….

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    Pauvazal – Geolocflex

    In the field of the IoT industry (Internet of Things), the growth of devices integrated with connected technology has been exponential thanks to the digital boom we are living in. Among the challenges this entails, is to improve the quality of life of people, particularly…

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    In the last century, the transition from non-renewable energies to more sustainable and less damaging options for the environment has been increasing. Due to this, numerous companies have dedicated their R&D efforts to the development of more efficient ways to implement…

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