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    Swiss Vault Systems – BASEPORT

    The mapping of the human genome is a reality that represents a continuous advance in the healthcare field. However, a single human genome takes up 100 GB of storage space. This is a problem for biotechnology firms, which need to invest…

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    Indoor Robotics – TANDO

    Have you ever been worried about your house security while being on holiday? That is the traditional argument used by safety and security companies to promote alarm systems. But, have you ever left home and suddenly thought “have I turned off the oven”?. Nowadays, this industry…

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    Kido Dynamics – DEMOGRAPHICA

    People’s mobility data is essential to make informed decisions, especially for those verticals that depend on mobility patterns to plan effective actions. While marketers are wondering what is the impact of their outdoor advertising campaigns…

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    Nanoga – NANODINK

    Thanks to the advancement of technology, writing on devices such as phones and tablets has become possible. The digitalization of the handwriting causes a strong increase in battery consumption and induces a reduced autonomy of the device, causing overheating. In…

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    Taitus – Hermes

    HERMES is a software development ecosystem that allows the rapid creation of software systems for the space industry. It is made to complete the renewal of the central software used to manage satellite data acquisition functions through innovative general-purpose GPU…

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    Foot Analytics – Connected Transport

    In a world as connected as we live in now, the use of smart mobile devices has been established in the market as another tool for the optimization of various industries. Specifically, the transport industry has been positively affected by the use of data…

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    Geointelligence Systems – DRONECOP

    At the time of a catastrophe, there are several regional and global emergency mechanisms to support its management, but they cannot process information in real time and do not provide precise tools for decision-making. Thanks to the Geointelligence Systems’s DRONECOP project…

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    Ximdex – HardBlock

    With the emergence of the blockchain in the era of digitalization, there have been changes that affect the way in which computer systems communicate with each other. Specifically, the focus has been put in seeking greater security for the transfer of sensitive information.

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    In the field of aluminum alloy manufacturing, processes have undergone very few improvements in recent years. Therefore, ALUMASA, a manufacturer of aluminum plating, decided to investigate to develop a more efficient way to develop this product. Thanks to their more…

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    True Solar Power

    Due to global warming and rising temperatures, the use of air conditioners and cooling methods has become much more intensive. Although the increase in demand implies the growth of these markets, the problem that current systems have is that it has not yet been possible…

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    Pauvazal – Geolocflex

    In the field of the IoT industry (Internet of Things), the growth of devices integrated with connected technology has been exponential thanks to the digital boom we are living in. Among the challenges this entails, is to improve the quality of life of people, particularly…

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