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    Qlibri Success Case Evolution

    Nanotechnology, life sciences and quantum technology all require high quality information for scientific development. Current technologies yield only partial information or are highly time-consuming. 

    By merging quantum optics microresonator technology, Qlibri can fundamentally change these fields by offering the world‘s most sensitive absorption microscope. QlibriNANO is 1,000x more sensitive than current solutions, providing full spectral characterization and imaging in real time. 

    For example, Qlibri´s microscope enables the analysis of defects in the semiconductor industry with an unprecedented low concentration. The potential reduction of scrap rate of just 0.5% could have an impact of hundreds of million euros.

    Thanks to funding from the EIC Transition programme, QLibri will make the invisible visible for the first time, enabling researchers to advance into previously completely inaccessible areas and revolutionize industries from diagnostics to drug development.

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