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    Mirmar – Investment for its industrial growth

    More than 35 years ago, the company Mirmar was founded in Valencia, specialising in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels on reels for sectors such as food, industry, logistics and bottling companies. Among all the product lines they commercialise…

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    Lanaccess – LAVA

    Monitoring hundreds of video surveillance cameras is arduous and practically impossible for public and private security professionals. Existing systems today are not designed for large spaces and often cannot store…

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    Largoiko – PaL-F

    The graphics art sector faces a profound transformation process affected by key trends such as automatisation and robotisation. Nevertheless, the technological progress achieved in the areas of pre-printing and printing does not correspond to those…

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    True Solar Power

    Due to global warming and rising temperatures, the use of air conditioners and cooling methods has become much more intensive. Although the increase in demand implies the growth of these markets, the problem that current systems have is that it has not yet been possible…

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    The Spanish railway network is the best in Europe, which makes it a benchmark for high-speed transport. Being a system that needs to be constantly updated, it is essential that companies continue to look for how to innovate the systems already implemented. That is why…

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    Montes de Cristal y Acero – Lúpulo

    Beer has been one of the low-alcohol beverages preferred by consumers for centuries. In recent years, we have seen new trends emerge, making craft beers gain particular relevance in the market and increasing their consumption habits. The Lúpulo project is based on the development…

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