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    PigCHAMP & Proporseg – PIGADVISOR

    What if we could control the influence of variables such as humidity, temperature or feed on the well-being of farm animals, preventing abnormal health conditions from occurring? To make this question possible, the Segovian companies PigCHAMP…

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    Ximdex – HardBlock

    With the emergence of the blockchain in the era of digitalization, there have been changes that affect the way in which computer systems communicate with each other. Specifically, the focus has been put in seeking greater security for the transfer of sensitive information.

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    Sanz Clima – INALAMHVAC

    Travel comfort when it comes to shared transport systems, such as buses or trains, has since been one of the most important values for passengers when using these options. Specifically, for buses, the installation of air conditioning and heating is one of the components…

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    In the last century, the transition from non-renewable energies to more sustainable and less damaging options for the environment has been increasing. Due to this, numerous companies have dedicated their R&D efforts to the development of more efficient ways to implement…

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