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    Eodyne & Partners – PHRASE

    Approximately 13.7 million stroke cases happen worldwide each year. This worrying figure usually involves long and high-cost recovery periods (over five years). Moreover, at that stage, patients do not always find the right and effective support for rehabilitation…

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    Xeltis – HeartRestore

    People who suffer from coronary artery disease use to need Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery, which commonly involves harvesting patients’ veins from the legs as grafts. This procedure may cause chronic pain and future complications, as more…

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    Delmic – Cryo-SECOM Workflow

    Since it became a Nobel prize-winning technique in 2017, cryo-electron microscopy (cyro-EM) has intensified its relevance, demonstrating that it represents an excellent way to observe biomolecules at sub-nanometer resolution…

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    Tusti – EGREMPLARE

    The massive use of plastics has become a severe problem for the environment. Even though the European Commission has implemented diverse regulations under the EU’s Plastics strategy, recycling technologies are inefficient, and only 14% of these materials…

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    Sexual violence remains an important social problem throughout the world. Although the problem is not limited to a special segment of society, women represent the majority of victims, regardless of whether they are living in developed or developing countries…

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