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    SOLAR MATERIALS – PRISM Solar Panel Recycling

    SOLAR MATERIALS has developed a patented layer-by-layer thermo-mechanical process based on infra-red heating that not only recycles solar panels in an economical and energy-efficient way but recovers all raw materials from solar modules …

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    HySiLabs – HYDROSIL

    Hydrogen plays an essential role in energy transition and future low-carbon economy. Thanks to hydrogen’s characteristics, it represents a clear alternative to gasoline, making it possible to achieve the decarbonisation objectives. However, the main challenge…

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    Aurelia Turbines – FUTURBINE

    SME factories and industries are an important part of European employment and economy. Due to the continuous activity of this more than 20 million companies, they consume approximately 20% of the total energy in the EU… 

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    Hailo – Hailo 8

    Autonomous vehicles are a great opportunity for the transport sector to reduce accidents, traffic congestion, travel times and costs. For their effectiveness, these vehicles must process large amounts of data collected by their sensors, something that requires a…

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    Avanzare – Freecr6plat

    Since the prohibition of the use of hexavalent chromium for galvanization, the metal plating market has faced a delicate moment in the search for alternative solutions that are not affected by these regulations. To solve this problem, Avanzare has developed its…

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    Ocean Technology – Oc-Tech

    Due to the activities of ships and fisheries, the current state of polluting spills in the oceans is a cause for global concern. For this reason, Ocean Technology and its OC-Tech project have proposed a ship-shaped solution with the capacity to collect fuel waste…

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    dhp technology – Horizon

    dhp technology presented its unique and innovative solution to integrate photovoltaic cells in wastewater treatment plants. With their project, HORIZON, they developed a retractable solar panel to roof spaces that are already commercialized, such as parking areas…

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    Airtren – Saft

    Where train tracks meet, constant collisions occur weakening and damaging the structural integrity of the tracks. This wear puts the safety and stability of these components in check, making them less reliable in the long term. Therefore, the company AirTren…

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    Industrial sectors such as aeronautics or the naval industry face a problem of internal logistics for the displacement of very heavy loads. These movements are usually done by fixed machinery, which also occupies a large area of land within Industrial buildings.

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    Sanz Clima – INALAMHVAC

    Travel comfort when it comes to shared transport systems, such as buses or trains, has since been one of the most important values for passengers when using these options. Specifically, for buses, the installation of air conditioning and heating is one of the components…

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    In the last century, the transition from non-renewable energies to more sustainable and less damaging options for the environment has been increasing. Due to this, numerous companies have dedicated their R&D efforts to the development of more efficient ways to implement…

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    The Spanish railway network is the best in Europe, which makes it a benchmark for high-speed transport. Being a system that needs to be constantly updated, it is essential that companies continue to look for how to innovate the systems already implemented. That is why…

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