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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    SME factories and industries are an important part of European employment and economy. Due to the continuous activity of this more than 20 million companies, they consume approximately 20% of the total energy in the EU. 

    In this context, Aurelia Turbines developed Futurbine for a more sustainable environment through the implementation of Aurelia A400 v2.0, the most efficient small gas turbine in the world.

    Futurbine chooses efficiency above competition which is reflected in A400 features. Thanks to its modular design and its 400 kW gas turbine with more than 40% electric efficiency, this turbine offers the best option to smart-scale SMEs industrial processes. Furthermore, Aurelia’s project allows a more sustainable combustion process, as it has been developed to use non-standard fuels and it produces low emissions, even below EU requirements. Futurbine distribution model also boots job creation, as it will generate new local positions in several European countries through technology transfer. 

    Aurelia has already started its internationalization, with offices and manufacturing facilities located in Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom. With this expansion, Futurbine’s project has become a reality in the industrial field, contributing to a greener Europe.