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    EIC Accelerator

    Exposure to heavy metals may lead to health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurologic disorders or cancer. These bio-accumulative chemical components usually get into our bodies through the water we drink. Ensuring water quality must, therefore, always be a priority.

    Klearia developed PANDa, a portable “lab-on-a-chip” to monitor the presence of heavy metal pollutants in water–even at ultra-low concentrations–in a simple, accurate way in real-time. Thanks to this device, Klearia has become a real game-changer for the water industry, allowing users to choose the analysis type and to get results quickly, enabling an immediate response. 

    Due to its technological disruptiveness, PANDa achieved the support of the European Innovation Council through the EIC Accelerator programme.

    We particularly appreciated Evolution’s sharp knowledge of the EIC Accelerator as well as your working process, which facilitated the interface with our teams, involved in structuring the project. Finally, and mostly, compared to other consultants we met: Evolution is engaged in the success of the company.

    Clément Nanteuil

    CEO, Klearia