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    We can help you get funding from the EIC Accelerator programme

    The EIC Accelerator represents one of the most competitive European funding options for deep-tech start-ups and SMEs with technologically innovative projects capable of creating new markets or transforming existing ones. Feeling like we’re talking about you?

    Why is the EIC Accelerator so important in the R&D environment?

    🟠 All technological fields are welcome to apply as long as their projects are on Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 5-6 to 9.

    🟠 It has two funding schemes: Open and Challenges. In the latter category, proposals must significantly impact one of the specific objectives detailed by the European Innovation Council.

    🟠 EIC Accelerator can support your project in two different ways: with a grant component (up to €2.5M) and/or an investment component (up to €15M, or more in specific cases).

    🟠 The four-step application process includes a short application, a full application, an interview with a jury and, finally, a Grant Agreement negotiation.

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