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  • 5 tips for a fantastic Pitch Deck [Free Template Included!]

    by Megan Schmidgal, Alba Saldaña & Inés Zamarro | May 23, 2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog


    If your deep-tech start-up aims to grow and reach the market, you have likely considered applying for that perfect funding option for your disruptive solution.

    During that process, a crucial step will give you a golden ticket to achieving your goals: the Pitch Deck. Even though we already shared some essential tips you could translate to your video pitch, we still have tricks up our sleeves you definitely should try when creating your presentation.

    What 5 things you must include in your Pitch Deck to succeed?

    1. Who are you?

    Let’s start with something simple and that it’s always been around: your company.

    Focus on yourself and try to inform about some essential points of your organisation, such as: 

    • How would you describe it?
    • How will your project change the world? (In other words: Define your purpose!) 
    • What does it make your start-up unique?

    2. Introduce your innovation

    Now that you have talked about your company: let’s think about that innovative solution you and your team came up with. More specifically, we advise you to consider your project as a problem/solution duality.

    The jury still ignores why your project is so important. A quick tip: maybe it’s easier if you look for what issues your idea will solve. Does it represent a technological breakthrough? Maybe does it improve specific patients’ lives? What about the improvement will it suppose for the environment?

    If you know how to answer similar questions to those above, you will locate the customers pains and, also, unmet market needs your innovation can address.



    3. Everything starts with a plan

    What are the future market opportunities for your product? Explaining and detailing your business plan and financial strategies is vital to catching your listeners’ attention and interest.

    Try to define your ambition: will your innovation create a new market or transform an existing one?

    There will be some stumbling blocks along the way. For that reason, preparation is key: identify your competitors and spot risks before they occur. By doing this, you will convey realistic confidence in your projections.

    Finally, it is also a good idea to specifically talk about money: your business model and the way you will ensure future incomes.



    4. Lean on your team

    We know you feel you can achieve everything thanks to your team. Let the jury know about your colleagues!

    Think about their expertise and highlight their professionality and skills: what are their background, career path and previous experience?

    If you count on an advisory board, it is time to introduce those key members and partners who will support your project.



    5. The importance of your Pitch Deck’s style

    Now you have already explained everything related to your start-up and project; there’s something else you must double-check: the way you’re communicating it.

    Do you remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s totally true: use clear and powerful images to spread your ideas easily. Do you have any information that could be adapted into an infographic? Could you express your data differently? Just do it! Your audience will appreciate the difference and understand your story better. Remember: show vs. tell.

    Most of the time, less is more, so don’t be afraid to remove any information that may not be relevant. Choose your words wisely and avoid industrial jargon if not necessary.

    Almost ready now, but just the finishing touches: does the typeface match the style of your start-up and project? Is there anything you’d like to highlight? Use colour and bold text to emphasise!



    Bonus track: don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    We want to share with you one last piece of advice. We know that facing the Pitch is indeed challenging and stressful, as it is one of the latest steps towards achieving your funding goals. It is completely normal to have some questions and to feel overwhelmed at this point.

    To make it easier, we offer you a downloadable resource to put into practice everything we’ve discussed in this article. Just enter your email address, and you will receive a file that will be very useful and easy to fill in to prepare your Pitch Deck.

    Also, we advise you to count on an expert team to create a presentation worthy of your project. At Evolution, we will be happy to help you through. Shall we talk about getting the most out of your Pitch Deck?