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    R&D Tax Deductions, Social Security Bonus

    What if we could control the influence of variables such as humidity, temperature or feed on the well-being of farm animals, preventing abnormal health conditions from occurring?

    To make this question possible, the Segovian companies PigCHAMP and Proporseg (an organisation from the INNOPORC group) joined forces to develop PIGADVISOR, a multifactorial study about the correlation between environmental conditions and unusual animal behaviour as risk factors for diseases. 

    Using algorithms and logical rules, it obtains patterns to design a new work methodology for farm personnel based on prevention, detection, and early response that helps to minimise the impact of different pathologies that may affect pigs.

    This project was also supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Retos de Colaboración programme, demonstrating its great scientific-technical interest and potential for application in other kinds of livestock farms.