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    EIC Accelerator

    Traditional glass fabrication has long been a challenging, costly, and energy-intensive process relying on natural gas. Although techniques such as etching and glass moulding allow for more complex structures, they require expert technicians, costly infrastructures, and still present limitations. 

    Here is where Nobula enters, a Swedish company that has developed a unique glass additive manufacturing technology based on direct Glass laser deposition (DGLDTM), transforming the possibilities of glass production without the need for post-processing.

    Nobula’s innovative desktop 3D glass printer enables printing of highly customised and complex glass parts at outstanding resolutions with short lead time. With Nobula, businesses can now create highly intricate glass geometries that are 5x more affordable and up to 9x more energy efficient, paving the way for innovations in industries ranging from life sciences to anti-counterfeiting.

    Thanks to this project, Nobula achieved the support of the EIC Accelerator programme.