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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    The mapping of the human genome is a reality that represents a continuous advance in the healthcare field. However, a single human genome takes up 100 GB of storage space. This is a problem for biotechnology firms, which need to invest in an expensive computing infrastructure to analyse and manage all these data with a high level of information security. This issue is even more relevant if we think of healthcare centres, which would require a more efficient, space-saving and easy-to-implement solution.

    Swiss Vault has developed BasePort, a high-density, modular genome storage system to tackle this problem. Swiss Vault’s solution is quiet, smaller, and uses less power, enabling organisations to reduce their related carbon footprint by up to 10-fold while saving their data securely and efficiently. This project was funded under the EIC Accelerator call closed in March 2020, due to its impact on healthcare systems and, potentially, on the fight against COVID-19.