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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    Have you ever been worried about your house security while being on holiday? That is the traditional argument used by safety and security companies to promote alarm systems. But, have you ever left home and suddenly thought “have I turned off the oven?”. Nowadays, this industry has some challenges to face: lack of autonomy, high costs, and the possible waste of time that may be key to solve an emergency.

    Indoor Robotics has broken the rules and developed Tando, a fully autonomous platform for security, inspection and operational tasks. With its easy integration and patent-based ceiling docking station, Tando can manage a drone fleet to prevent anomalies and hazards in real-time. It also counts on cloud-based analytics powered by AI to provide further inspection, which gives the user a complete insight view.

    Thanks to Tando’s functionalities, fatalities and insurance claims can decrease by 50%. Furthermore, this technology can reduce security costs and false alarms, contributing to better prevention of dangers to properties and, potentially, save lives.