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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    Current issues such as climate change and population growth have a direct impact on natural resources, which is one of the main challenges facing agriculture today. In that way, irrigation plays a crucial role in creating effective systems to allow farmers to produce more efficiently.

    Looking for a solution, Planet Horizons Technologies develops AQUA4D-Pivot, an innovative water-smart technology that improves water use based on low-frequency resonance fields. Optimising the irrigation process supports large crops farmers to get cultivation more sustainable.

    With its simple, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective design, AQUA4D-Pivot achieves even irrigation without clogging, up to 25% in water savings with fertilizer optimization and up to 20% increased crop production while solving salinity issues. All these key benefits will let agriculture to acclimate to the present situation, using irrigation in a smarter way to produce sustainably. 

    Beyond this improvement of irrigation systems, this company is also working on solving water-related issues in the field of Sustainable Buildings and Animal Health worldwide.