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    Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death in women globally. Among the usual treatments, there are mastectomy (removal of the breast and lymph nodes) and lumpectomy or conservative surgery of the breast (removal of cancer tissue and surrounding areas). Currently, lumpectomy is the most common treatment of the 2, with average reoperation rates of 30%, which means that the patient has a high probability of having to undergo another procedure.

    In order to tackle the high reoperation rates, SamanTree Medical SA has created the HistologTM Digital Solution. This is a scanner that allows surgeons to review in real time, and at the cellular and subcellular level, the existence of cancer cells through its intuitive and graphic interface. In addition, it integrates with patient information systems and eliminates the need for a specialist. Thanks to SamanTree Medical SA and HistologTM Digital Solution, the re-operation percentages are reduced to only 3%.