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    Swiss Accelerator
    grey mullet in water

    Bionomous, a visionary startup based in Switzerland, is set to make waves in the fish farming industry now that its groundbreaking technology has secured funding from Innosuisse’s Swiss Accelerator program. 

    Their innovative solution, “AquaSorter,” combines microfluidics, AI-imaging, and high throughput to revolutionize fish farming at the earliest stages of high egg-quality selection. 

    Fish farmers will move from a hand-made, labour-intensive and time-consuming process to an AI-powered solution that provides consistent and accurate fish egg grading, eliminating human error and ensuring high quality juveniles uniformity in size and weight categories.

    The AquaSorter will contribute to 1) standardizing the quality control of fish eggs in hatcheries, 2) boosting survival rates and maximising productivity, 3) increasing profitability by reducing hatchery labour costs, reducing feed costs, and increasing production.

    By revolutionizing the fish egg sorting process, Bionomous is ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability and driving innovation in the aquaculture sector.

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