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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    The tenaculum used in some gynaecologist practices such as Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD) insertions and curettage results in a painful and traumatic experience for 84% of women. Sometimes, it can even lead to lesions and bleeding in 29% of patients.

    Aspivix has developed an innovative vacuum suction-based device that allows doctors to replace the tentaculum to minimise this problem while preventing cervix pain, damages, bleeding and even the risk of contamination and cross-infection.

    Its use reduces the intervention procedure steps (from 7 to 2) and will avoid up to 8% of unintended pregnancies since it makes IUD insertion easier. Its use also involves significantly better time management for doctors, which can also be translated into a 28% economic benefit.

    Aspivix aims to help more than 64 million women worldwide who suffer from pain caused by tenaculum every year and allowing those 6 million women who would use UID if the insertion was painless to make a step forward.


    At Evolution, we found the expertise and guidance in this domain to identify and target the right programme for us. Getting Evolution alongside was fundamental to ensure peace of mind and keep the start-up team focused on project development.

    Mathieu Horras

    CEO, Founder & Board Member, Aspivix