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    According to data from the International Olive Council, Spain is the country in the EU market with the highest production of consumption olives and olive oil. Its high production and high quality make Spain one of the main exporters of these products worldwide.

    Oleica is a registered trademark of the Technological Base Company TAFIQS in Foods S.L., whose mission is to transfer knowledge and technology from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University of Córdoba (UCO) to companies in the agri-food sector. It aims to develop a series of microbiological, technological and computer tools that help improve the management of information, quality and food safety in companies that produce olives.

    The Olive Solutions project arises from the concern of several companies and institutions to improve the quality and safety of the production process of the olives. They have focused on the development of new multifunctional starter crops used for the fermentation of olives, the study of the functional potential of exopolysaccharides (EPS) produced by microbial strains isolated from the manufacturing processes, as well as in the implementation of the Sentinel system for the management of traceability, quality and safety in table olive processing companies.