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    Qlibri Success Case Evolution

    Industries face significant challenges in managing wastewater treatment and recycling sludge rich in metal oxides. Traditional methods often fall short: they are costly, inefficient and potentially hazardous to the environment. SmartMic, a project inspired by Hofitech under the Eurostars programme, offers an innovative solution to address both simultaneously. 

    By employing a combination of electro-chemical processes, SmartMic efficiently transforms wastewater impurities into valuable meta-products rich in metal oxide mixtures. This dual-purpose approach not only provides a cost-effective means of wastewater treatment but also enables the upcycling of the mineralized sludge for different industrial sectors such as cement kilns, ceramic industry and brick manufacturing. 

    The innovation of SmartMic lies in its advanced automation and self-control system, driven by machine learning and big data analytics. By continuously monitoring and optimizing the wastewater treatment process, SmartMic offers a comprehensive, sustainable solution to pressing environmental concerns.

    Furthermore, SmartMic’s scalability and adaptability make it suitable for various industries, contributing to waste mitigation and high-value material development while reducing the ecological footprint of both wastewater treatment and manufacturing processes.

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