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    EIC Accelerator



    Elevating European Startups with EIC Accelerator: Our Commitment to Excellence

    Evolution Europe is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence as a trusted innovation consultancy. Our commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and confidentiality aligns seamlessly with the EIC Code of Conduct. We are your reliable partner in navigating the competitive landscape of European Innovation Council (EIC) programs, ensuring that your startup achieves its innovation goals. Join our growing list of EIC success stories by exploring our proposal preparation services. Let’s unlock opportunities and elevate your startup’s success in the European startup ecosystem together.

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    Vigor Medical – C-LANT

    Vigor Medical developed C-LANT, a disruptive medical device for chest trauma management. C-LANT can be used as a port to immediately treat all types of thoracic traumas, reducing thoracic and abdominal drainage time by 20x …

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    Innovation Interview: KOVE

    Thanks to their innovative solar panel recycling process, SOLAR MATERIALS secured EIC Accelerator funding. Co-founder Jan-Philipp Mai shares their story on how the company will scale up its technology to benefit Europe.

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