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  • EIC Accelerator Results: Our Success Rate

    by Amy Murphy | Apr 24, 2024 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Blog, European Programmes – Project Management

    Evolution Europe's Success Rte for the EIC Accelerator programme vs Average EU Success Rate

    EIC Accelerator Results in the last cut-off

    Following the fiercely competitive November 2023 EIC Accelerator deadline, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded funding to 42 innovative startups, a blend of grant funding and equity. Evolution contributed significantly to the cohort of EIC Winners in this round, by supporting around 10% of the startups that secured funding.



    Our Success Rate

    In 2023, our success in the EIC Accelerator programme reached remarkable heights. We achieved a 60% success rate for our startups progressing to the interview stage, and our overall success rate for startups securing EIC Accelerator funding stood at an impressive 32%, compared to the European average success rate of 3.8%. Therefore, working with Evolution makes you 10 times more likely to get EIC Accelerator funding. These results reflect the hard work and expertise of our technical team.


    Our Winners

    Amongst some of our winners from the last cut-off, we supported:



    The only winner from Portugal in this round. Delox introduced DryVHP, a groundbreaking solid form of Hydrogen Peroxide, recognized for its exceptional efficacy in decontamination, eradicating 99.9% of pathogens from surfaces and ensuring thorough bio-decontamination.

    • Funding Type: Blended Finance
    • Grant Amount: € 1.9 Million
    • Equity Amount: € 2.8 Million



    2. Novelrad

    Additionally, we proudly supported Novelrad, an Israeli startup revolutionizing vascular bore closure and heart defect repair with their minimally invasive suturing technology. 

    Their innovative device simplifies the procedure with a single click, enhancing patient safety and reducing complications, thus presenting significant benefits to both patients and healthcare systems.

    • Funding Type: Grant First
    • Grant Amount: € 2.5 Million



    3. Aptatargets

    We also supported Aptatargets, a Spanish biopharmaceutical company that has developed APTOLL– a neuroprotective aptamer for acute ischemic stroke that targets inflammation in the first hours after onset. This immune moderator is a novel approach to treat ischemic stroke and substantially reduces brain damage, and improves patients’ functional outcome in the long term, leading to a better quality of life.

    • Funding Type: Grant First
    • Grant Amount: € 2.5 Million

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