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    EIC Accelerator
    Novelrad - EIC Accelerator Winner and Evolution Success story

    Minimally-invasive cardiac procedures requiring large-bore access are expected to increase in the next few years by up to 3-6x. However, they are inherently associated with complications.

    Existing closure devices are insufficient with complication rates remaining as high as 22%, leading to longer hospitalizations, added healthcare costs and increased mortality.

    Recognizing the persistent unmet need for cost-effective and reliable large-bore closure devices, Novelrad pioneered a micro-suturing technology that operates with a simple click of a button. By enabling safe dilation and reliable closure with a single device, it reduces complications to significantly benefit patients and healthcare systems.

    Novelrad´s game-changing device can also address multiple indications in the cardiovascular system and beyond, creating enormous scalability potential in diverse markets.

    With grant-first funding from the EIC Accelerator program, Novelrad will complete the clinical validation of the device and obtain CE marking for market deployment, benefiting patients, their families and healthcare systems across Europe.


    Novelrad Success Story Evolution