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    EIC Accelerator
    C-LANT a life saving medical device from Vigor Medical

    Chest trauma is a leading cause of accidental death with 60% mortality. However, if treated within one hour, a casualty has an 80% survival chance. Chest tubes require invasive procedures, and first responders cannot use them in the field, losing the Golden time-critical to saving lives

    To address this issue, Vigor Medical developed C-LANT, a disruptive medical device for chest trauma management. C-LANT can be used as a port to immediately treat all types of thoracic traumas and reduces thoracic and abdominal drainage time by 20x. 

    Within 5-10 seconds, it self-fixates to the body, creating a hermetic channel for standard chest tubes, catheters, and instruments. 

    Thanks to its lifesaving medical device revolutionizing chest trauma management, Vigor Medical received EIC Accelerator funding to bring C-LANT to market. By enabling immediate intervention within the Golden Hour, C-LANT will save lives and alleviate patient suffering.

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