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    Elgan Pharma – ELGN-GI

    Preterm infants are often born with an underdeveloped gastrointestinal (GI) tract, requiring advanced nutritional support through a central line. However, this line poses life-threatening risks for these fragile infants and to date…

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    Genetika+ – RxMine

    Major depressive order affects over 300 million people worldwide, growing 37% each decade. Patients do not usually receive adequate care due to its heterogeneity, which affects each individual with highly different treatment responses…

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    PlasFree – ClearPlasma

    If we talk about preventable mortality, haemorrhage stands out as one of the most common causes, reaching around 40% of deaths worldwide. The current approach of transfusing blood, plasma and platelets during early interventions can lead to increased probabilities of bleeding risks…

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    Indoor Robotics – TANDO

    Have you ever been worried about your house security while being on holiday? That is the traditional argument used by safety and security companies to promote alarm systems. But, have you ever left home and suddenly thought “have I turned off the oven”?. Nowadays, this industry…

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    Hailo – Hailo 8

    Autonomous vehicles are a great opportunity for the transport sector to reduce accidents, traffic congestion, travel times and costs. For their effectiveness, these vehicles must process large amounts of data collected by their sensors, something that requires a…

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