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    If we talk about preventable mortality, haemorrhage stands out as one of the most common causes, reaching around 40% of deaths worldwide. The current approach of transfusing blood, plasma and platelets during early interventions can lead to increased probabilities of bleeding risks.

    To alleviate this situation, the Israeli start-up PlasFree has developed ClearPlasma™. This innovative filtration system extracts plasminogen from plasma, reducing fibrin clot breakdown (fibrinolysis) patients can experience during haemorrhage. Thus, the number of plasma units required can be up to 45% less.

    This safe and easy-to-use device decreases treatment costs and mortality as a consequence of introducing PlasFree into a market as valued and relevant as the global blood transfusion one. After receiving the EIC support, this company aims to keep scaling up with the laudable vision of improving healthcare systems and patients’ lives.