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    In a momentous declaration at the recent Canada-EU Summit on the 24th of November 2023, President Ursula von der Leyen and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Canada’s association with Pillar II of Horizon Europe.

    The Association Agreement, set to be signed in 2024, unlocks substantial funding of €53.5 billion under Pillar II, inviting Canadian researchers and organizations to actively contribute on equal terms to address critical global challenges (such as climate, energy, digital economy, and health).

    Bilateral scientific relations between the EU and Canada trace back to 1996, but this association with Horizon Europe is a historic first, marking Canada’s formal participation in the EU’s research framework. Horizon Europe, with its substantial €95.5 billion budget for 2021-2027, serves as the EU’s flagship research and innovation program, emphasizing global collaboration with equal access to funds for associated countries.

    As the world anticipates the synergy between Canada and the EU, the collaboration extends beyond financial support. The Association Agreement promises connections with researchers in the EU and 18 associated countries. According to President von der Leyen, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to pull our best minds and the best talents on both sides of the Atlantic.”

    The 2024 signing is viewed as a substantial milestone in global research collaboration, representing a key moment in this transformative partnership.