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    Since Evolution was founded, the focus has been on people and companies. The most important thing for us is to offer tailored solutions, studying the needs of each of the projects we have worked with. Our value proposition is based on the talent of our team, specialized in each of the innovation areas that make up the technology industry.

    In our methodology, we establish a previous evaluation that helps us determine the situation of the project and its viability within its industry. Then, we offer personalized advice based on our more than 15 years of experience in project management, which allows our clients to access the appropriate financing tools for their situation. In addition, our support also covers the life cycle of the project after having achieved these financing objectives, providing the necessary Project Management work for its continuity.

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    Does your company seek financing to achieve its research, development or innovation objectives?
    Are you thinking of applying for national or international grants?
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    We help you to fine-tune your business and make all the elements in your value-generation chain work like a well-oiled machine. We focus on obtaining the greatest possible benefit for your company through project management and the optimization tools that we have been using for more than a decade. From patent registration to tax deductions, we maximize your chances of success so that you continue to dedicate yourself to your passion.

    Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience, we have been able to develop a network of contacts that can boost your business in different ways, through investors, accelerators or private investment funds.