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    Intellectual Property (IP) “relates to the creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, as well as symbols, names and images used in commerce”. It includes two categories of creations:

    • Industrial Property, which covers invention patents, utility models, brands and logos, industrial designs, geographical indications and industrial secrecy.
    • Copyright, which includes literary works, movies and music; artistic works such as paintings, sculptures, etc.; software, and architectural designs.

    Benefits of investing in Intellectual Property:

    • It capitalizes the value of the developments by recognizing them in the accounting balances.
    • It provides a differentiating value to the image of the company identifying itself as an innovative and technological company.
    • It allows obtaining financing for fixed assets and the potential to generate business and company wealth.
    • It allows businesses with intangible assets derived from rights to be protected by IP.
    • It ensures the rights held over developments and innovations, while maintaining control over them.
    • It is a useful business asset to obtain financing.
    • It has the possibility of obtaining subsidies to cover its costs

    Our process

    We break with the traditional idea of ​​seeing the registration of intellectual property as an expense. We focus on making it a strategic asset for your business, providing real value to your company and allowing its expansion in an orderly and sustainable way in the long term.

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