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  • Success stories compilation: how the digital industry boosts R&D

    by Inés Zamarro & Alba Saldaña | Jul 28, 2021 | Reading time: 5 minutes | Blog


    Digital has become an essential part of our lives. Science, health, shopping, and even the way we interact with each other have a close connection to digital tools.

    In order to continue moving forward on this path, the European Commission is always looking to take the digital industry to the next level through funding programmes such as the EIC Accelerator.

    Evolution counts on innovative clients in the digital field whose projects have achieved the EIC’s support to keep growing. We feel very proud of having the opportunity to introduce you to some of them below. We hope you can learn and amaze by their ideas!


    Swiss Vault: digitalising human genome

    Swiss Vault
    realised that finding a proper computing infrastructure to manage genome data is one of the most common challenges for biotechnology organisations.

    For this reason, they have developed BASEPORT, a system designed to store data more sustainably. This initiative also proved to be helpful in healthcare issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the reasons why Swiss Vault was funded under the EIC Accelerator programme in March 2020.

    Kido Dynamics: the benefits of analysing population

    What if we could predict the population’s mobility?
    Kido Dynamics has created DEMOGRAPHICA, a big data solution capable of analysing mobility patterns to enable data-driven decisions regarding smart cities where transportation, marketing or tourism can achieve better results.

    Due to Kido Dynamics’ capacity to improve information technology, the European Commission allocated nearly 1.5 million euros to this unique project through the SME Instrument (now EIC Accelerator) programme.

    Indoor Robotics transforms our security concept

    Indoor Robotics
    has thought about the security industry’s main problems: high costs, lack of autonomy, and waste of time.

    In this context, Tando has been developed to change the rules of the game: it is a fully autonomous drone capable of offering real-time quality coverage. In that way, Tando independently performs safety and security tasks in a reduced cost and efficient manner. To support this innovation, the European Commission granted almost 2.5 million euros through the EIC Accelerator Pilot.

    Hailo and the future of mobility

    Autonomous cars are closer than it might seem. However, these vehicles create large amounts of data, which needs to be processed in real-time in order to make driving decisions. 

    Hailo is aware of how this kind of transportation would improve our daily lives, reducing accidents, traffic jams and costs. For that reason, they have developed Hailo 8, a unique microprocessor designed to cover these vehicles’ data needs, accelerating embedded AI applications. To do that, they have counted on the support of the European Commission after being successful on its SME Instrument (now EIC Accelerator) programme application.

    Taitus: making the space industry stronger

    is a software development company with one clear objective: ensuring that the European aerospace industry can count on advanced software to keep innovating and progressing in this field.

    Their project Hermes allows the rapid creation of software systems for the space industry that attend the technological needs of the space and satellite data services industry. Thanks to the SME Instrument (now EIC Accelerator) programme, this project got the necessary funds to be developed, and now this company can proudly say that HERMES has become a reality.