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  • Success stories compilation: how cleantech boosts R&D

    by Amy Murphy | Jan 29, 2024 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog

    Last Friday, January 26th, marked the UN International Day of Clean Energy, a day that resonates deeply with us at Evolution as we witness the transformative power of cleantech innovations. In celebration of this significant occasion, we’re thrilled to share five remarkable cleantech success stories from our portfolio.


    Water Challenge: Pioneering ZLD+ Technology 

    Dredging is essential for maintaining waterways, but did you know that 20-40% of dredged sediments worldwide are heavily polluted? Water Challenge recognized this critical issue and pioneered energy-efficient Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD+) technology, which efficiently separates all dredged material into freshwater and solids in one step, without chemicals and with minimal energy consumption.


    Synovance: Eco-friendly Textile Dyes from Biomass Waste

    Synovance is revolutionizing the textile industry with eco-friendly textile dyes derived from biomass waste. Their innovative approach offers performance equal to synthetic dyes while promoting sustainability by reducing reliance on oil and toxic chemicals.



    Solar Materials: Leading the Solar Recycling Revolution

    Solar Materials is leading Europe’s green revolution with innovative solar panel recycling methods. Instead of traditional shredding and sorting processes, they utilize a layer-by-layer thermo-mechanical process to recover valuable raw materials like silver, copper, and silicon from solar modules.


    Aurelia Turbines: Futurbine – Powering SMEs with Efficiency

    In Europe, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) consume a significant portion of energy. Aurelia Turbines addresses this challenge with Futurbine, the world’s most efficient small gas turbine. With its modular design and low-emission capabilities, Futurbine enhances SME industrial processes while promoting sustainability.



    AURELIA TURBINES- Evolution_Success

    Klearia: the power of microfluidics in reducing water pollution

    Heavy metal exposure through water consumption poses significant health risks. Klearia‘s groundbreaking PANDa technology swiftly detects heavy metal pollutants in water, revolutionizing real-time water monitoring with its portable “lab-on-a-chip” solution.


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