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  • Latest trends in the healthcare R&D industry: 5 success stories

    by Alba Saldaña | Jun 23, 2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog


    Committing to making progress in the field of healthcare through R&D allows us to reach a continuous upgrading of procedures, devices and sanitary services. In short, it contributes to an improved diagnosis, treatment and patient wellbeing.

    Thanks to its different funding programmes, the European Innovation Council (EIC) collaborates in creating and developing innovative projects in the healthcare sector (among others). 

    At Evolution, we are proud to help companies from this industry turn their initiatives into reality by finding and managing opportunities that best fit their needs. Here we share the stories of some of our clients who have been supported by the EIC thanks to their technological and research breakthroughs.


    Eodyne & Partners: personalised medicine for stroke cases


    Eodyne, in collaboration with Charité Berlin, EBRAINS, Saddle Point Science and Radboud University, developed PHRASE, a data processing pipeline that ensures the proper traceability of stroke patients.

    Thanks to AI, PHRASE is an example of personalised computational medicine that enables improved recovery while reducing related healthcare costs.


    KOVE medical: the fetoscopy revolution in preventing diseases


    From Zürich, KOVE medical is working on developing a device that makes fetoscopy procedures safer and more precise. Thanks to its design, it can close the holes produced in these surgeries. 

    This way, interventions to treat congenital diseases during pregnancy are easier, lowering the risk of premature births and promoting steady progress in these intrauterine procedures.


    PlasFree: reducing the risk of suffering haemorrhages


    With ClearPlasma™, an innovative filtration system developed by PlasFree, the risk of bleeding in more than 55% of cases.

    The start-up provides an effective, safe and easy-to-use solution to combat one of the world’s most common causes of death.


    Xeltis: the future of cardiovascular procedures


    More than 20% of cardiovascular implants do not work correctly, resulting in a high percentage of patient complications and pain. 

    Aware of this reality, Xeltis developed HeartRestore: a safer vascular graft (XABG) that allows natural restoration of cardiac and vascular tissues, reducing the risk of adverse side effects.


    Neurosoft Bioelectronics: the new generation of neural implants


    Neurosoft Bioelectronics improves the treatment and monitoring of epilepsy thanks to SOFT ECoG, an implant that precisely controls and stimulates the brain thanks to its material composition.

    Thanks to this project, Neurosoft Bioelectronics proposes a solution to treat one of the most common brain disorders, reducing surgical risks and allowing the neurologist to work efficiently and safely.