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  • 5 developments in science and technology funded by the EIC

    by Alba Saldaña | Nov 9, 2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog


    The connection between science and innovation is clear, as well as the direct impact of its developments on our daily lives. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to keep up with the advancements that start-ups, consortiums and researchers are reaching nowadays.

    As one of the main goals of each November 10th is to allow citizens to be informed about the latest developments in science, we wanted to contribute by collecting some of the most disruptive innovations our clients have been working on, which received the support of organisations such as European Commission through the EIC programmes.

    Ready to witness the most inspiring success stories?

    Genetika+: personalised treatment for depression

    Finding the proper treatment for depression often involves patients would lose months to years of their lives looking for the best option for them, which may have terrible consequences.

    Through a simple blood test combined with patients’ genetics and neuronal biomarkers, Genetika+ developed an effective and personalised treatment for each individual.  


    InVivo Bionics: solutions for urinary dysfunction

    This Norwegian start-up achieved the support of EIC Accelerator thanks to its revolutionary tiny sensors able to monitor pressure and natural filling of the bladder for up to 30 days.

    InVivo Bionics’ initiative makes patients lead a normal and comfortable life and reduces the high initial cost of equipment that current similar solutions have.  



    Aspivix: re-imagining gynaecology devices

    Aspivix has developed Carevix™, a gently and carefully designed device that represents an alternative to conventional tentaculum during transcervical procedures.

    This next-generation suction-based project increases the satisfaction of patients and clinicians as it reduces unnecessary pain and bleeding, as well as better time management for doctors.  


    PlasFree: reducing bleeding by more than 55%


    To reduce the death risk caused by haemorrhage, the Israeli start-up PlasFree created ClearPlasma™, an innovative filtration device that reduces fibrinolysis in massive bleedings.

    EIC Accelerator supported this solution to continue progressing and revolutionising its field.


    Eodyne & Partners: the future of rehabilitation

    Eodyne, in partnership with Charité Berlin, EBRAINS, Saddle Point Science and Radboud University, achieved the support of EIC Transition thanks to PHRASE. 

    This data processing pipeline improves stroke patients’ recovery using AI, reducing costs and taking an essential step towards personalised medicine.