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  • The key role of our team in developing our new work model

    by Inés Zamarro & Alba Saldaña | Sep 28, 2021 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog


    COVID-19 has affected us personally, but it has also changed some companies’ work perspectives and modalities. The pursuit of innovative solutions from the European Commission and SMEs’ digital transformation have experienced an acceleration: both public and private entities should progress in this issue to ensure their teams’ productivity, connectivity, and safety. This trend is here to stay.

    Due to our industry and values, we have focused on technological progress and new ways to understand work roles since Evolution’s first day.

    Far from ignoring what we have achieved and learned in recent months, we have integrated it into our behaviour. In this way, we have improved our work model to make our team happier and more efficient, directly impacting on our clients’ satisfaction.

    What are our keys to reinvent ourselves and build Evolution’s future? Let us tell you how we are doing it.


    Our experience so far: full-time remote work


    Before the pandemic, we already knew the concept of “remote work”. At the beginning of 2020, we bet on creating a policy that would allow us to turn our homes into offices one day a week.

    The perks of this weekly day were very positive: greater team satisfaction, autonomy, work-life balance… However, one of the most remarkable advantages was that it helped us to prepare ourselves for something that we would never have foreseen: the work situation caused by the COVID-19.

    In the most difficult times of the pandemic crisis and confinement, we showed like never before how much we care about our evolutioners’ well-being.

    For this reason, we focus on ensuring the safety and health of our team by generalizing full-time remote work. Thus, since March 2020, we all have faced the challenge of keeping #closebutnotnear.


    This was what our team learnt during the confinement.


    Key points: what have we achieved?


    • Thanks to our constant collaboration, we have become more decisive, agile and dynamic.


    • We were able to learn from each other: distance wasn’t a problem for us. We held regular meetings, events, 1:1s, informal online video calls… And we even had a remote Christmas party!


    • Despite the distance, this way of working allowed us to achieve better business results.


    • We needed to keep growing, so we did! 16 new team members joined us during the “state of alarm”.


    • We transformed our recruitment process: we shipped computing materials, improved our onboarding process to make it completely remote, and used our knowledge in digital tools, so new hires had everything ready to start from their very first day.


    • We learned that by reducing our presence at the office, we become more sustainable as our impact on the environment has decreased. For example, we reduced the use of means of transport and the associated pollution, and we have also become a paperless company, among other benefits.


    What have we achieved in these uncertain times?

    The importance of listening to the team


    Listening more to our evolutioners was one of our 2021 top goals. Would it make sense if we make decisions without knowing their needs and worries? Definitely not.

    To turn this objective into reality, we have put into practice more effective meetings, ENPS and anonymous surveys. Our staff give us their particular vision to think about the following steps all together at Evolution.

    When we asked our team about their experience working remotely, these were some of their thoughts.


    Our next steps


    When developing our new work and relationship model, it has been crucial to count on the opinion of the members of Evolution. This has helped us decide what aspects we should keep and/or improve, following our team’s thoughts.

    We want to find a balance between the three pillars that support our model: focus, which allows us to concentrate on our tasks; collaboration, as we believe that one plus one is more than two; and socialization, encouraging our team’s togetherness. We are sure the mix of these three ingredients will make us achieve our strategic objectives.

    Is it difficult? Could be! But we know we can handle it. Because our perspective has changed and now we see everything from an alternative side. We have experienced first-hand that other working methods are possible: we can continue being autonomous, flexible, and, above all, rely on a team that is conscious about its role and purposes.

    For this reason, we bet primarily on remote work without losing that face-to-face part that makes us collaborate and socialize, connecting our talent. This is possible thanks to our team and the way they carry out their tasks, which allows us to move towards a more flexible model based on efficiency, agile methodologies and new technologies.

    However, this is not the final word: at Evolution, nothing is immovable. We test, transform and reinvent ourselves. We will continue with our eyes wide open to adapt to the times we live in and our evolutioners’ needs. Don’t miss the following articles if you want to know more about how our new work model evolves!