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  • How is the recruitment process at Evolution?

    by Inés Zamarro, David Gil & Alba Saldaña | Mar 25, 2021 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog


    At Evolution, we like to say that we are like a puzzle. Each employee is one of the 60 pieces that make us complete. If one of us were missing, we would not work in the same way: our puzzle would not fit.

    We know how fundamental it is to have a trustable team to grow personally and professionally. Therefore, we defend the importance of a quality selection process that allows us to meet and hire the most appropriate profiles. Our HR techniques distinguish us from other organisations, as we have found the right formula that best suits our needs and business characteristics.

    David Gil, People Manager, explains to us: “Closeness and transparency are some key aspects of our process. We maintain these values from the first People interactions with candidates to the following phases.”

    When someone applies for a job, we know it is usual to feel uncertainty. To reduce this insecurity, we practice empathy and maintain constant communication about the candidate’s status and the following steps to becoming part of Evolution.


    What do we value the most at Evolution?

    Due to our nature, Evolution pursues excellence through entrepreneurship and innovation. This is why we seek in our professionals that energy to promote continuous social improvement based on progress and technology.

    “We highly appreciate finding analytical thinkers, flexible, committed, and with growth mindsets,” David tells us. “We either can’t forget the importance of soft skills (such as empathy, active listening, self-criticism… ), which play an essential role for a positive work environment”.

    We have adapted our work routines during the last year, despite the distance caused by the pandemic. Although we had already been working on digital transformation in all areas before COVID-19, we have put into practice that adaptation capacity that defines us. Thus, we have been able to continue our work remotely despite the exceptional circumstances we all are experiencing.

    Our digital tools and platforms have enabled this transition, also modifying the candidate selection process’s development. “In these times of social uncertainty, we had to invest more time and energy in providing confidence to those we interviewed,” David tells us. “Our commitment to digitisation allows us to access a higher number of applicants and to use tools that make us possible to incorporate candidates remotely.”



    Phases of our process

    Although there are different ways to apply for our offers (through our website, our LinkedIn profile, or, also, some recruiting platforms), once we start the recruitment process, the steps are almost always the same:

    1. After analysing applicant profiles in detail, People holds the first interview to introduce the company and the project. We also like to know the motivations and career path of each candidate.
    2. Depending on the position, it is likely that candidates will make an assessment to see how they react to similar challenges to those they would face at work.
    3. At this point, managers would meet the candidates. Above all, these interviews are focused on the position’s technical side. Here, our objective is to detect the capacity to manage the role successfully. Since we value other aspects, we also like to know the candidate’s personality to analyse interpersonal skills to contribute to the right work environment.
    4. Finally, applicants will meet the people with management positions at Evolution, from area coordinators to the CEO. This approach will allow them to know more about the organisation’s culture and our way of working.


    The onboarding process: the early days at Evolution

    Especially in this particular teleworking situation, we come along with that new person hired in our company. We really enjoyed this initial phase since we know the importance of these first days, both for the new evolutioner and their colleagues too.

    Therefore, we have a robust digital onboarding process. “Thanks to our method,” says David, “we can share general company information (services, products, organisation chart, vision, mission and values) to new hires, as well as detailed aspects of their position.”

    They have all the digital and computing tools ready and at their disposal to start the project from the very first moment.

    “We also like to take care and follow-up of this new employee, to cover any need they may have and answer any questions,” says David, “we like to introduce ourselves to new hires and organise meetings with the rest of the team so that everyone can give them the warmest welcome”.


    The importance of People

    Once candidates are well integrated into the team, the People department remains active and close in the day-to-day life of each evolutioner. This department solves possible problems and builds a strong Employer Branding strategy that transmits Evolution’s culture.

    This department’s responsibility corresponds to a business transformation present at more and more companies. “People are becoming the main and most important thing”, explains David, “the aim is to seek employees’ wellbeing through compensation policies, work-life balance, flexibility plans, training, etc. By focusing our efforts on people, we will achieve greater satisfaction that may translate into better performance and, consequently, higher business success”.


    And you? Do you need a change in your professional career? Do you want to be one of the pieces that make up the Evolution puzzle? We want to meet you!