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  • 4 European funding opportunities in 2023 that you must know

    by Megan Schmidgal & Alba Saldaña | Jan 23, 2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Blog


    The EU has announced new funding opportunities for you to grow your business in 2023 and beyond. We invite you to explore the EU funding & tenders portal to discover calls that are relevant to your goals. 

    Here are the highlights of the 4 main programmes.


    EIC Pathfinder

    EIC Pathfinder (€343 million) for visionary research with the potential to lead to technology breakthroughs.

    EIC Pathfinder Open 2023€179.5 million7th March 2023
    EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2023€163.5 million18th October 2023


    EIC Transition

    EIC Transition (€128.3 million) to turn technology breakthroughs into innovative prototypes.

    EIC Transition Open 2023€67.86 million
    12th April 2023 & 27 September 2023
    EIC Transition Challenges 2023€60.5 million


    EIC Accelerator

    EIC Accelerator (€1.13 billion) to develop and scale up high-impact innovations with the potential to create and disrupt markets.

    EIC Accelerator Open 2023€612.98 million
    22nd March 2023, 7th June 2023 & 4th October 2023
    EIC Accelerator Challenges 2023€524.73 million


    New funding includes €525 million Accelerator funding earmarked for biomarkers for cancer, decontamination for pandemic management, energy storage, New European Bauhaus, quantum or semiconductor components, resilient agriculture, space technologies and services.



    Eurostars supports innovative SMEs and project partners by opening access to public funding for international collaborative R&D projects in all fields.


    13th April 2023
    14th September 2023


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