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  • R&D & environment: successful projects that make the world a better place

    by Alba Saldaña | May 28, 2021 | Reading time: 5 minutes | Blog


    Nowadays, achieving a more sustainable world has become an absolute priority. The increasing pollution, climate change, and waste management are crucial issues that concern not only our society but also the European Commission

    This institution realises how R&D can take a decisive step forward to alleviate this global situation. In this way, European initiatives and programmes such as the Green Deal and Horizon Europe support environmental projects to reach their green goals in the mid and long term.

    At Evolution, we feel very proud of our collaboration with some start-ups or SMEs that advocate for sustainability. For that reason, we have compiled some excellent examples of innovative solutions building a better world. Let yourself get inspired!


    An optimised irrigation system thanks to AQUA4D


    AQUA4D is a company leader in water efficiency. Thanks to its smart technology, farmers can improve their crop irrigation systems, reaching up to 25% in water savings.

    This initiative improves not only soil health and agriculture production, as they have adapted their technology to sustainable buildings and animal health worldwide.


    Looking for the health of the sea: Ocean Cleaner

    Ocean Cleaner Technology is aware of how polluting spills are a severe problem for our seas and oceans. In order to prevent this situation, they have developed OC-Tech, a vessel capable of collecting liquid and floatable waste and other materials like microplastics.

    In this way, Ocean Cleaner Technology has the difficult mission to take care of and preserve our water resources’ health. Indeed, they are already working on it. Since the Port Authority of Seville asked them to participate in a collaborative project to improve Guadalquivir’s water quality.


    dhp technology & the power of the sun


    The Swiss start-up dhp technology wants to grasp the potential of solar power through their project called HORIZON: a solar folding roof for commercial areas.

    Thanks to its aesthetic and retractable design, economic performance and pioneering infrastructure capacity, HORIZON becomes an excellent opportunity for acquiring clean solar energy through the dual use of spaces.


    Improving agriculture through Biome Markers


    Being able to understand our soils allows farmers to obtain better crops both ecological and economically. In recent years, technology has enabled new ways to gather and analyse agronomic data.

    To make agriculture empowerment possible, Biome Makers has created BeCrop, a solution to measure the biological quality of soils. Knowing that information, farmers could make better decisions and even improve their production.


    Tusti: solving plastic recycling issues


    The consumption of plastics is threatening our planet, and the recycling process is sometimes inefficient and complicated to handle. Tusti has released EGREMPLARE, an innovative technique to clean and separate greasy mixed plastics with bio-based liquids to cover that necessity.

    Tusti’s project aims to help plastic suppliers, buyers of plastic regrinds, and professionals interested in recycling solutions to treat waste streams more efficiently and sustainably.


    If you are developing a sustainability R&D project, you should know that the European Commission’s commitment to the environment is strong. As we previously mentioned, the EIC Accelerator programme, under its Challenges blueprint, is aimed to fund those initiatives aligned with the Green Deal goals. Do you want to take this opportunity to boost your ideaproject? We will be pleased to collaborate with you!