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  • 3 funding opportunities for European women innovators

    by Alba Saldaña | Nov 17, 2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes | Blog



    Even though Europe represents an excellent opportunity to develop disruptive and unique research, innovation or venture capital projects, women are still underrepresented in this ecosystem. To illustrate using some figures, teams composed only of men captured 91% of all capital raised in technology investment (State European Tech 2020), while women represent just 22% of doctoral graduates in the ICT field and 33% of researchers (according to She Figures 2021).

    The European Commission is entirely aware of this issue and committed to changing this unequal situation by implementing several initiatives.

    Check out some of those great opportunities below!


    Women TechEU to support women leading deep-tech start-ups


    After a record of applications under its second call, Women TechEU stands as one of the most robust options for women in deep-tech start-ups.

    This opportunity involves mentoring and coaching female founders through the EIC Business Accelerator Services (BAS), an individual grant of 75,000 € to help these companies grow, and the option to participate in Enterprise Europe Network and InvestEU activities.

    To be eligible for Women TechEU, applicants must be women with a top management position and founder or co-founder of an early-stage deep-tech start-up established in a European or Horizon Europe-associated country.



    EIC Women Leadership Programme: training, networking and mentorship for innovators and researchers


    One of the opportunities we look forward to announcing more details for is the third cohort for the EIC Women Leadership Programme, coming in Spring 2023.

    The EIC created this programme to expand Europe’s potential in deep-tech, science and businesses by improving women representation

    Thanks to this initiative, business women who take on or aspire to take on leadership positions and researchers can join specific training, networking activities and the support of experienced mentors and business coaches.

    Participants also become part of the EIC Community Platform to connect to partners, investors and other ecosystem professionals.



    EU Prize for Women Innovators: Celebrating the role of female entrepreneurs


    The European Commission wants to recognise all those disruptive projects developed by European women. Submitted initiatives must provide breakthrough innovations for the European market, benefit our society, and also, applicants should be considered a role model for other girls and women.

    In every edition, an independent and expert jury chooses winners for two prize categories:

    • Women Innovators: Game-changing women innovators receive three prizes of 100,000 € each.
    • Rising Innovators: Three prizes of 50,000 € each for women under 35 years old.

    To be eligible, participating women should have founded an innovative company in a European member state or Horizon Europe-associated country at least two years before the call year.

    The role of the EU Prize for Women is increasingly important in the R&D European world, as applications are growing yearly (from 155 in 2019 to 277 in 2022).

    The next edition will be announced in spring 2023.



    Are you an innovative woman looking for the most suitable option for your deep-tech project?


    Even though women’s role in R&D is still unequal, the European Commission is working to change this situation in the coming years.

    Opportunities like the above and plans like the Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025 are visible examples of the commitment to empower and reinforce women.

    Are you ready to help end gender bias?