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  • Now Open: EIC Women Leadership Programme 5th Cohort for female researchers and aspiring female leaders

    by Amy Murphy | Feb 26, 2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes | Blog


    If you are a female researcher of an EIC Transition or EIC Pathfinder project, this is your opportunity to enhance your research skills and speed up your leadership journey.

    The EIC Women Leadership Programme 5th cohort is officially open – submissions by potential participants must be made soon through this link before March 20, 2024 (EOD).


    What is the Women Leadership Programme about?

    The Women Leadership Programme is a skills enhancement and networking programme, aimed at empowering women in innovation and tech.

    The EIC – European Innovation Council created the Women Leadership Programme in partnership with the EIT-European Institute of Innovation and Technology to expand Europe’s potential in deep-tech, science and businesses by improving women representation.



    Who is eligible?

    The 5th cohort of the EIC Women Leadership Programme is exclusively reserved for female researchers and aspiring female leaders from organisations that have participated in the following schemes:

    • EIC Pathfinder
    • EIC Transition
    • FTI under Horizon 2023
    • FET Open and FET Proactive under Horizon 2023


    What activities should you expect in this 5th cohort?

    1. Training Sessions
    2. Networking Events
    3. Coaching Scheme
    4. Mentoring Scheme

    Led by experienced trainers, the program will include virtual and in-person training sessions, individual coaching, mentoring, and dedicated networking events, encouraging active engagement and personal growth among participants.


    How can you apply for this opportunity?

    The process to apply includes filling out a survey you may find here.

    You need to fill out a series of few short personal data questions, followed by business data about your organization, professional engagement questions and Career and Leadership aspirations questions. Finally, there are questions about your motivation as to why you are applying and want to be part of the programme.


    What is the timeline of the 5th cohort?

    The 5th cohort will run from April to June 2024.

    •    22 February 2024 – Open Call for Applications 
    •    20  March 2024 – Application deadline  
    •   12 April 2024  – Confirmation of participation      
    •   23 April  2024 – Introductory workshop and mentor speed dating (online) 
    • 25 April 2024 – Kick-off meeting and first training, online 
    • April- June 2024 – Training sessions and networking activities, online or in person (TBC) 

    Check for changes in the timeline on the EIC official website: https://eic.ec.europa.eu/eic-funding-opportunities/business-acceleration-services/eic-women-leadership-programme_en#who-is-eligible-to-participate


    Not ready just yet? Check the timeline for the upcoming cohorts in 2024



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