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    Jaundice is a common condition produced by high levels of bilirubin. Every year, it causes permanent brain damage and even the death of 114.000 newborns worldwide. A proper diagnosis and baby monitoring result crucial to treat and prevent jaundice, but it has an estimated cost of €1684 million per year, which represents a huge problem for low- and middle-income countries.

    In this context, Picterus comes up to make an accurate remote diagnosis of jaundice simpler and at a lower price. Based on biomedical optics and machine learning technology, Picterus safely assesses the degree of jaundice in the newborn just by taking a picture with a smartphone.

    By using Picterus, not only early jaundice detection improves, but also it reduces family stress and healthcare costs due to its remote, user friendly, and low-cost diagnosis. Outpatient visits for jaundice would decrease by 50%, saving approximately €306 million, which will allow better allocation of resources in other critical medical areas. 

    Picterus’ advanced technology will mitigate the huge impact of jaundice worldwide, and especially in low- and middle-income countries, generating a high improvement in newborns’ lives.