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    EIC Accelerator
    Delox AIR bio-decontamination innovation

    Indoor air quality is essential for preserving health, not just during pandemics like COVID-19 but for flu season each winter. However, effective, safe, and affordable air purification is not widely available with current solutions.

    Delox, a Portuguese startup, enables bio-decontamination in occupied spaces for the first time. By integrating into existing HVAC systems, their Delox AIR module answers the EIC Challenge to strengthen the EU´s preparedness for pandemic safety.

    The technology is based on Delox’s proprietary solid formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide – a powerful biocide – that allows for an easy vaporization process of the compound. The Delox AIR provides enough concentration at the HVAC filters to kill all microorganisms and it´s completely safe: after an internal bio-decontamination, the remaining Hydrogen Peroxide degrades into water and oxygen before the air is released.

    This approach enables the highest bio-decontamination efficiency, decreasing both disease transmission and antimicrobial resistance incidence radically. Moreover, the process is energy efficient and more cost-efficient than HEPA filters.

    Thanks to their breakthrough solution, Delox was awarded blended finance from the EIC Accelerator for the rapid market deployment of Delox AIR. With Delox AIR, social distancing and isolation will no longer be required for managing infectious diseases. Continuous air renewal will protect the most vulnerable in high occupancy spaces and ensure essential services continue without interruption, maintaining a healthy economy and society.


    Evolution was pivotal in improving and refining our business model and go-to-market strategy. Besides, the writing of the proposal was elevated to a very high standard; we could not have achieved this without Evolution’s help.

    Fadhil Musa

    Co-founder, Delox

    Delox Innovation EIC Accelerator Winner