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  • Are you a Swiss start-up? The reasons why Start-up Innovation Projects is your programme for 2023

    by Alba Saldaña | Feb 24, 2023 | Reading time: < 1 minutes | Blog


    In addition to the Swiss Accelerator, Innosuise has the Start-up Innovation projects programme to encourage innovative projects with disruptive potential that have yet to enter the market.

    Can you be part of this programme? Let’s check it out.


    Are you eligible to apply to the Start-up innovation projects?

    This programme is for start-ups with up to 50 full-time equivalents established in Switzerland before entering the market. Your project must involve a relevant innovation oriented to development and rapid implementation with a maximum duration of 36 months.


    How would your project be funded?

    As with Swiss Accelerator, Innosuisse will cover up to 70% of eligible costs. No specific limit has been set regarding the amount each project could receive.

    What’s the process to apply to Start-up innovation projects?

    After submitting the short proposal, three experts will evaluate it, and if it’s successful, you will be invited for a pitch.

    What are the deadlines for 2023?

    Innosuisse has established three deadlines during May, September and November 2023.