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  • Strategic Partnership: Evolution & EUNOIA H2 collaborate to Accelerate Hydrogen Startups

    by Amy Murphy | Apr 17, 2024 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Blog

    EUNOIA H2 and Evolution Partnership


    We are pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with EUNOIA H2 – an online platform for companies in the renewable hydrogen sector.

    As part of this partnership, Evolution is committed to providing relevant information to EUNOIA H2 platform members on all national funding opportunities and European funding available to startups in the hydrogen sector.

    Our partner EUNOIA H2 is a virtual platform focused on renewable hydrogen and its entire value chain, covering different modes of renewable energy generation necessary to produce H2V, up to its final uses and consumers, aiming to achieve the following objectives:

    ✔ Creating bonds of unity and interaction between entities and professionals by sharing a thematic repository.
    Positioning of Organizations with exclusive spaces (Companies, Universities, Technological Centers, Associations)
    Access to events and congresses with special discounts for platform members.
    Access to Trainings with special discounts for platform members.
    Promotion of Events and Trainings on Renewable Energies

    👉Registration link: https://auth.nectios.com/eunoia/signup

    With a proven track record in hydrogen projects, Evolution has consistently demonstrated its ability to drive growth and innovation in this field. One of our success stories of this sector is Sakowin, an EIC Accelerator winner pioneering green hydrogen through methane plasmalysis: watch the video about their innovation.



    Do you want to secure funding for your innovation? Contact Evolution.