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    Rubén Rodríguez

    Senior Innovation Consultant

    Rubén holds a degree in Biology, with an Extraordinary Prize, from the University of Oviedo, and a Master’s degree in Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology from the same University. He completed his PhD Thesis at the Spanish National Research Council (IBFG-CSIC), and a postdoctoral residency at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

    After years in public research, he joined the biotech company Sistemas Genómicos (Grupo Biomédico Ascires), collaborating in managing numerous research projects. Later, driven by his passion for science and writing, he entered the world of consultancy, where he participated in managing grants and tax deductions for investments in R&D&I projects for various companies in different sectors.

    In his free time, he relaxes by writing stories, listening to music, and leading a chess army of pawns, knights and other quartermasters on a 64-square chessboard.